Golf is one of the great and most popular sports in the world, especially in Scotland. Scotland seems to be one of the places where the game is appreciated the most.

Andrews, Scotland is known for so many historical edifices. One of them is the university founded in 1413. Another ancient edifice is the ruins of the 12th-century cathedral. However, the area has been known and is still known to be home to the oldest golf course in the world. St. Andrews is seen as the birth place of golf. Little wonder it remains one of the most visited golf courses in the world.

Commonly known as The Cathedral of Golf, St. Andrews happens to be one of the most researched golf course by golf enthusiasts as well as golf professionals. In this article, we correctly answer some of the frequently asked questions about the St. Andrews golf course.

What makes St. Andrews so popular?

Scotland is a country with some of the first-class golf courses and boasts of having the highest number of tourist golfer’s visit yearly. However, St. Andrews remains the most talked about the golf course in Scotland as well as all over the world. Little wonder St. Andrews is branded the world’s ‘Home of Golf.’ Before this time, St. Andrews was popular for the famous cathedral, the largest cathedral in the whole of Scotland.

Is St. Andrews golf course open to the public?

The golf course at St Andrews is described as the oldest golf course in the world. The golf course is easily open to the public. The golf course is built over common land in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland and is held in trust under a parliamentary act by the St Andrews Link Trust.

Can I play golf at St. Andrews?

Yes, you can. Old Course tee times that have been booked in advance are sold out as a part of a two-course package. So anyone and everyone are free to visit The Cathedral of Golf with the right preparation.

What is the cost of playing at St. Andrews?

To play a round of golf at St. Andrews costs just about the same as your normal PGA Tour venue. This is same as any golf course open to the public. It, however, depends on the exchange rates at the time of booking. As at 2018, the green fee for playing at St. Andrews golf course is $250 which is equivalent to 180 Pounds


So if you are a golf lover, or looking for a golf escapade. You should definitely take a look at St. Andrews. Your time at the birthplace of golf would be worth it. You are considering it because it isn’t expensive to have golf time there. If you ever have more questions as regarding St. Andrews or getting to play golf on the old course, then you can contact us, and we will help you make your dream a reality. We have a very responsive customer support, and we will get back to you in the quickest time possible.

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