I’ve had a lot of memories on quite a number of golf courses. There’s just something special about being surrounded by lush green, the soft wind caressing your skin. There is a certain serenity that makes it seem as though the rest of the world is miles away. This feeling is what originally made me fall in love with golf.

You can only experience this feeling in the best golf clubs. You see, if you truly want to experience what golf is supposed to be like, you need a top-class golf club like the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since its inception in 1780, the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club has been home to some of the best golf courses in the world.

The high standards and Ideals with which it was founded are kept in tune with modern times. This much is evident from the moment you pull up to the second you take your first step onto the course.

Balgownie is the definition of a true linksland layout, and this arduous link throws lots of variable conditions at you to test your skills. Balgownie boasts of one of the best front nine holes in the word. This feat isn’t one that is easily achieved as only the best golf clubs have achieved such a feat. The natural ecosystem of the layout ensures that no two holes are identical; it goes out through the dunes and circles back along a plateau.

The first immediately intimate you with the nature of the terrain, it is a tricky green that is sure to put all your skills to test. You might find things easy once you get to a valley; however, don’t be deceived as this is as brief as it can get. Long low irons along an undulating fairway might further ease your cause.

The second and third holes are the most unaffected golf terrain I have ever come across, hence all the accolades.

The 2nd is a natural par 5. However, it is by far a much easier than the 3rd, which is a lengthy elevation. It will often demand everything you’ve got in the bag if just that.

Royal Aberdeen Golf club regularly hosts prestigious tournaments like the AAM Scottish Open in 2014. This exclusive club is one of the most notable golf clubs that every golf lover and pro alike should visit at least once in a lifetime.

Balgownie’s back 9 is quite different from the seaward holes in nature and appearance, but it is every bit as demanding. Over recent years, it has only gotten better.

I can say I’ve not done too badly here, although not entirely spectacular or pro-worthy, I have had lots of wonderfully satisfying scores. The environment here is just serene in a certain charming way.

Playing on this course has helped me discover how best I love golf. In clear weather, you still need to avoid bunkers off the tee here and there. And at the end of the day, you leave knowing you have challenged yourself pleasantly.


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