Due to its leisurely nature, golf is often perceived as a gentleman’s game. Apart from the fun of playing, golf also has lots of benefits, some of which might surprise you.
Here are six important benefits of playing golf on a regular basis:
Outdoor Exposure:
Golf is an outdoor sport played over a vast expanse of land. Hence playing golf allows the player to spend extended periods of time out in the open, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. This has many benefits for both our minds and bodies. Being outdoor not only relaxes the body, but a serene landscape also calms the mind. Sunlight also offers the body with vitamin D, which aids in bone growth and helps prevent depression.
Helps burn Calories
Although golf is not a fast-paced sport, it still burns a considerable amount of calories. Due to the large area on which it is played, golfers often walk more on the course than the average person does in a day. If you own a fitness tracker, you will find that a day on the golf course would have you exceeding your target number of steps for the day. To maximize this benefit, decline the use of a golf cart and walk. The leisurely stroll through the course will definitely calm your mind while burning calories and giving your body the exercise it needs. If you really want to burn even more calories, you can decide to carry your own clubs. The additional weight of the clubs will help you burn more calories as you walk.
Golf is good for the brain
Walking, swinging and carrying golf clubs around the golf course will increase your heart rate. Much of the blood pumped finds its way into the brain, stimulating and improving nerve cell connections. Golf is also a mental game as you need to focus on your swing and actually calculate the force required to make the next hole; this helps to improve your hand-eye coordination. You also need to tally the scores as you play; all these make for a very nice mental exercise that can only be good for your brain.
Golf helps your eyes
Playing on the golf course, you will have to focus on both near and far objects. This makes for a riveting workout for your eyes. Over time, looking at a close object and focusing on farther objects become effortless while your hand-eye coordination is also greatly improved.
Helps with stress
Golf is not only a leisurely sport; it also promotes social interaction. A quiet day on the course, burning calories and enjoying the company of other golfers will stimulate both your mind and body and at the end of the day, because of all the calories burned, you will likely fall asleep faster and sleep better. Nothing reduces stress and refreshes your body like a good night’s sleep.
Helps you lose weight
For such a leisurely sport, golf has so many health benefits, but losing weight seems a bit far-fetched. However, golf can help you lose weight when played regularly, you consistently burn the required amount of calories, you take the required number of steps, and because it is fun, you tend not to miss more than a few sessions. This consistency is the key you need to lose weight.


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