The dream of every golfer is to experience playing time at the birthplace of golf. St. Andrews is known for its serene environment and plays host to numerous world events yearly, including the British Open.
Getting playtime art St. Andrews is not too easy. As many people are trying to play on the course as well. There are five (5) ways you can get playing time at St. Andrews. You can make a reservation in advance, win a ballot, via guaranteed playing time, as a single golfer or through local hotels and golf tour operators.

1. Making Reservation in Advance: To submit an application for an advanced reservation, visit the St. Andrews advanced links website. The website provides you with useful information and the complete guidelines for an application. Tee time through this method is allocated on a random basis. This is as opposed to the first come first serve basis that might keep you on a waiting list for years.

2. Ballot: Once the advance reservations have been exhausted, about 50% of the slots left are allocated to the daily ballot. This process allows golfers who couldn’t secure Tee times through advance reservations another chance to play at the Holy Grail of golf. To participate in the ballot, you must remember that:
· There must be two of you. A single player cannot enter the ballot.
· The required information are your Names, Handicaps and Home Clubs
· The maximum handicaps for women is 36, and the maximum handicaps for men are 24
You can participate in the ballot in person at the starters’ box in St. Andrews or one of the clubhouses. You can also contact us via our customer care channels, and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

3. Guaranteed Premium Playing Time: The Old Course at St. Andrews offers guaranteed tee time at a premium. These, however, are expensive and requires a minimum of three (3) days at St. Andrews

4. Single Golfer: As a single golfer, you can experience playing time by visiting the starters box at the old course on any day they wish to play. The starter will endeavor to slot them with playing groups which are less than four balls playing the same day.

5. Local Hotels and golf tour operators: Some local hotels, as well as tour operators, have guaranteed allocations on the Old Course. These slots are very expensive and are sold out quickly despite the added premium on it.
In conclusion, getting playing time on The Old Course at St. Andrews may not be so easy, but it is worth going through all the stress. You don’t have to be bothered about a place to stay as there are many hotels around that offer you quality at a user-friendly cost. If you have questions as regarding the old course, then you can get in touch with us, and you would be sure to receive answers in the shortest time possible.

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